Emergency Responder Training

By NYPGA (other events)

2 Dates Through Sep 09, 2022

The NYPGA 2022 Emergency Response Training will be held Sept 7,8,9 at the Montour Falls Fire Academy. Refresher training will be held on the 9th only. 

There is no disagreement in the fact that a disaster either small or large scale possess a serious threat to all levels of vulnerability for everyone involved. Although there is an agreement that disaster causes serious threat, the debate is still prevalent regarding the policies and procedures that lessen these devastating events. However, are you truly aware of all the regulatory oversight for emergency responders taking action to mitigate a hazmat leak? Be careful, do you have a policy and procedure? If the answer is yes exactly what does it say about emergencies? Learn the facts about NFPA, OSHA & DOT requirements for the responder and the company. Don’t miss our special presentation on gas migration, explosions and fire propagation. The speed is incredible see it in person at our training.


Learn how water mitigation can defuse escaping liquid and vapor. Would you rather risk firefighters controlling the fire or the leak without fire? An FDNY Chief said it very well; “ELIMINATE THE FIRE AND EVERYTHING GETS BETTER!”.


We are working on a Grand Finale that will be memorable for everyone.

Don’t miss this return from COVID ER class.


All sales are final -- there are no refunds.